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32 Main Street
CV23 8BH
Tel: 01788 890668
Mob: 0781 2819160


Complementary Health Clinic
7 Bishops Court
NN11 4NP

Mob: 0781 2819160

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I offer free 20 minute consultations both in person or remotely by telephone or zoom video call.

When I first started treatment with Linda I really thought it wasn't going to make a difference to my pain and tension, but it was absolutely clear that this was the treatment for me. I had tried all sorts of pain relief and nothing really helped long term, having acupuncture really did change my quality of day to day life. Linda has a very calming caring nature which also helps with releasing the tension. I thought it would hurt or be uncomfortable but it doesn't at all.

After I had finished my treatment I found myself relaxing for the first time in years. After 2 years of taking pain killers and nothing changed having acupuncture was the start of a new me.

I highly recommend Linda Noakes. L.W. Essex



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